Rotary Youth Exchange ski camp

Ski camp in Åre for Rotary!

From the 9-12 of March it is finally time for Rotary’s annual ski camp and visit with us at Sundmans Fjällgård. There will be a couple of activity-filled days when young people from all over the world meet and have fun together. We offers as usual really good food and a lovely feast on their last night with us. Since many of the night trains are fully booked Rotary Exchange Student are warm welcome to us from 8 March to 13 March. The price for an extra night is 200 SEK, 60 SEK breakfast, lunch and dinner 70 SEK 80 SEK. Book by sending us an email or give us call. Please indicate your arrival time at the train station so we stand there and meet you. Warm welcome to have a fun ski camp in Åre. Sincerely Annemo Sundman with family.

Kontakt: / +46(0)70-3344274

Welcome Christmas guests!

What a joy! Today our Christmas guests arrived, we hope they will have a wonderful Christmas here as Sundmans Fjällgård. We finally have snow so it is wonderful to be outside. Now we are also starting to receive more Christmas guests in Åre. During Christmas in Åre you can go ice skating in the village square. After a busy day in Åre it is very nice to come home to Hålland, where everything is quiet and you can just relax infront of the fireplace.


Great tracks for cross-country skiers in Åre

Today we had some more snow and now it is a nice layer of powder snow in the slopes with artificial snow below, today the slopes in Åre Björnen has opened. But the best news today are the great tracks for cross – country skiers on Åresjön, 5 km and really nice.


Decorations before Christmas

The major interest of Annemo is interior design, cooking and Christmas decorations and then preferably with things from nature. And many were the ones who came to the open house and enjoyed the good saffron buns, the lovely decorations and a good coffee by the fireplace. Many thanks to all the nice guests, we hope to welcome as many today. Yesterday we also won Swedish gold in Åre with Mary PH! Fantastic, and what fine weather we can offer ourskiers! Although the snow has not arrived as we liked  it is snow on the ski runs both in Åre and Duved.